Symposium Committee

Honorary Chair

Hua Hu                        Vice President of HDU

General Chairs

Qunsheng Peng           Zhejiang University

Katsuchi Ikeuchi         Microsoft Research Asia

Program Co-Chair

Yoichi Sato                 Tokyo University

Hongbin Zha               Bejing University

Kwan-liu Ma               UC Davis

Organizing Committee Chairs

Jian Bao                      Hangzhou Dianzi  University

Fang Jinglong             Hangzhou Dianzi  University

Organizing Committee    

Jianjun Li                    Hangzhou Dianzi University

Yigang Wang              Hangzhou Dianzi University

Li Li                            Hangzhou Dianzi University

Xiaoyang Mao            University of Yamanashi

Conference Secretory    

Ye Yao                            Hangzhou Dianzi University

Jiayi Xu                          Hangzhou Dianzi University

   Contact Information

           Dr Ye Yao


           Address:  Number 1, Street 2, Xiasha, Hangzhou, Hangzhou Dianzi University

International Forum on Advanced Visual Computing

July 6-8, 2016

Hangzhou Dianzi University, Hangzhou, China

Following the successful China-Japan Symposium on Visual Computing held at Human University, China, 2011, International Forum on Advanced Visual Computing, organized and sponsored by Hangzhou Dianzi University is to provide a common meeting place for scientists and researchers to share their most recent research findings, ideas and developments in the broad area of visual computing. The symposium features with 20 invited talks by world famous researchers in the fields of computer vision, computer graphics and visualization, with a focus on the application to culture preservation and development. The symposium is also supported by CAD & Graphics Technical Committee, China Computer Federation, VR Technical Committee, China Society of Image and Graphics, the Society of Science and Art, and Visual Computing Committee, the Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan.